Presidential elections in Russia

05 Μαρ.

"I told you we would win and we won!" he said, his voice cracking with emotion and his eyes moist.

With more than a half of all ballots counted, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin received 64.72 percent of the vote in Russia’s March 4 presidential elections, the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) said. Putin needs to surpass the 50% threshold to win in the first round and avoid the runoff.

His main rival Gennady Zyuganov received 17.10 percent of the vote. Independent candidate Mikhail Prokhorov comes third with 6.99 percent, beating Russian political veteran Vladimir Zhirinovsky (6.37 percent). The A Just Russia party candidate and former Federation Council speaker Sergei Mironov received 3.74 percent of the vote.

The average election turnout stands at about 64 percent, CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov said.

03:15 05/03/2012  MOSCOW, March 5 (RIA Novosti)

Neither U.S. President Barack Obama nor European Union leaders have congratulated Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on his victory in the country’s presidential elections, which some western observers said were «clearly skewed» in his favor.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said the results of Sunday’s vote were «never in doubt.» Activists and opposition groups have also alleged massive fraud.

Stanislav Govorukhin, Putin’s campaign chief, described the election as «the cleanest in Russian history.»

18:41 05/03/2012 MOSCOW, March 5 (RIA Novosti)
«Η διεθνής κοινότητα δεν θα πρέπει να ενδιαφέρεται ιδιαίτερα να διαδεχθεί την ‘αραβική άνοιξη’ ένα ‘ρωσικό καλοκαίρι’. Ειδικά η Γερμανία εξαρτάται από τη Ρωσία, καθώς αυτή αποτελεί σταθερό εταίρο στο πεδίο των πρώτων υλών και του εμπορίου. Μέχρι σήμερα κανείς στη Γερμανία δεν χρειαζόταν να ανησυχεί για την αποστολή πετρελαίου και αερίου. Ωστόσο δεν θα πρέπει να γελιόμαστε: Η ρωσική χαραυγή των Τσάρων έχει ξεκινήσει».  Westdeutsche Zeitung

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