«All is Lost» Robert Redford

12 Ιαν.


«All is lost»: «The value of silence (that has always been important to me), had it’s own virtues and drama depending on where occured. This film is filled with noisy silence. In the middle of the ocean, there is nothing but Nature! And it’ s very-very noisy, but it comes out of silence». R.Redford

«…Keep going, keep working! The work is the search engine, reveals things to you to keep you going. Seeing my career, from 1960(age of 20; 21;), in clips: oh, that could have been better! (Journalist: …???) If you came from a family, ALL-ALL celtic family, imigrated from Ireland and they told you: «Something good happened? there must be something wrong with it!», that’s the inheritance(-Becket!)…» R.Redford

[ One definition of ‘Irish‘ that I liked a lot, was Samuel Beckett’s. When he was interviewed by a French journalist, the journalist said: ‘Vous etes Anglais, Monsieur Beckett?’. Beckett replied: ‘Au contraire’.]

Complete Soundtrack  &  Full movie


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