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Αρθρογραφία στο Διαδίκτυο


Επιστήμονες ανακάλυψαν μια νέα αντικαρκινική ένωση, τη Monanchocidin-Α (Μονανχοτσιντίν-Α), στα  σ φ ο υ γ γ ά ρ ι α  Monanchora pulchra που ζουν στις θάλασσες του βορειοδυτικού Ειρηνικού. Η νέα ένωση που απομονώθηκε, έχει δραστικές ιδιότητες που διαφέρουν ριζικά από τις περισσότερες γνωστές χημειοθεραπευτικές ουσίες. Η νέα ουσία προκαλεί στα καρκινικά κύτταρα αυτοφαγία («αυτοχώνευση»), αυτοκαταστροφή.


Scientists have managed to invent a method of 3D printing which can be applied to living cells which inserts them into a buoyant gel, in a discovery that could lead to breakthroughs in tissue engineering, media reports said. A team of engineers from the University of Florida unveiled the new 3D printing technology in a paper, which they published in the journal Science Advances. [ Video popularmechanics-> 1. Russian dolls  2. Jellyfish ] A special machine transforms the living cells into a hydrogel to create suspended objects with sophisticated details.The samples include a silicone jellyfish, as well as sculptures that have been made from human aortic cells and cells grown from a patient. Surprisingly, the machine is capable of printing at a resolution which is one percent of the width of a human hair. As far as the practical applications of the machine are concerned, they reportedly could range from flexible electronics to creating living organ tissue.



According to Traveller 24, Kuwait is going to become the first nation in the world to conduct total mandatory DNA tagging, which applies both to their own population and tourists.
The legislation that will make DNA tagging mandatory will come in effect later this year. After that each and every person entering the country will undergo a mandatory DNA sampling. This will be done by taking samples of saliva or blood (by person’s choice). Refusing to undergo such procedure will cause «consequences» that have yet to be  specified.
Kuwait will become the first country in the world to implement total DNA tagging and to create a national security DNA database. In order to do that, a sampling station will be deployed in the Kuwait National Airport. Mobile DNA testing centers will move through the state, performing DNA testing on people in a way, similar to ID check by a policeman. The DNA tagging will only be used for «criminal security purposes» according to Kuwaiti officials.






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